Acrylic Nail Extensions

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Acrylic Nail Extensions


What does this Course Cover?

  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Learn how to make surehighest standards of health and hygiene for your environment, self and your clients
  • Appropriate anatomy and physiology
  • Study of the hands and the nail
  • Products and equipment required
  • What to make use of and purchase for yourself or your salon in order to execute these treatments
  • Consultation processes
  • How to gain the appropriate information from your clients before you begin the treatments
  • Contra indications to treatment
  • Nail diseases and disorders, what to look out for and how to recognise these
  • Acrylic Nails
  • How to perform this popular treatment by applying Acrylic Nail extensions as well as completing the treatment
  • The art of nail preparation, how to size and apply the nail tip, overlay application, Permanent French technique as well as clear, traditional finish and also Overlays to the natural nail, nail maintenance and in-fills and your tutor will talk about how to remove Acrylic Nails
  • Aftercare
  • Advice for your clients on correct treatment at home in between visits to the salon
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology is given in your manual, the manual is included in the price of this course and covers everything you have learnt during your days training
  • Advice on kits required to use with your clients from our tutor


Course Structure

This is a professional one-day diploma qualification course that runs from 10am – 4pm. There will be two breaks one 45 min for lunch and a short afternoon break. Students should arrive for 9:45am to ensue prompt start. London Learning Academy promises to primarily teach you all the theory related with the treatment. Though, you spend the clear majority of the day practising your practical skills hands on. We feel it is imperative that you spend the maximum time possible during the day practising your practical skills.

Nail extensions and overlays are a good way to add strength and length to your natural nails. If you have a tendency to bite your nails this can also be a solution; let’s be honest, acrylic doesn’t taste very nice!


Did you know that long nails have been a sign of wealth in Asian cultures since as early as the Ming dynasty? Or that a male dentist patented false nails as a way to repair a broken nail that was getting in the way of his work in the 50’s? Probably not,but you will know that extensions can make your nails look longer, stronger and far more glamourous.

Nail Types

False nails come in two types; extensions and overlays. Which you choose depends on whether you want additional length or strengthening and long-lasting colour. Nail extensions, also known as tips, are made from lightweight plastic and are cut to the shape of your nail. These are glued on to your own nails and overlaid with acrylic or gel to secure and finish. Overlays skip the extension step with acrylic or gel being applied directly onto your natural nails and shaped by hand or by using ‘forms’, before being buffed to create that glossy effect. Great for anyone with nails lacking in natural wow factor.


Acrylics are the oldest form of artificial nail and use a polymer powder called polymethyl methacrylate which is mixed with a liquid monomer called ethyl methacrylate. This formula hardens after around 20-30 seconds of being exposed to air and continues to cure for a further 15 minutes. Gel coatings are set in just one or two minutes when exposed to UV light. Whilst gels aren’t as long lasting and tend to be more expensive than acrylics, they are strong, more flexible and odourless. Gels also cause much less damage to your natural nails than extensions. A big bonus.

Acrylic nail extensions use a two-component system with liquid and powder, making it the strongest, most versatile nail enhancement. They are easy to shape to your client’s desired style and they can dramatically enhance the look of natural nails. The acrylic nail extension system is the most popular in the UK, holding about 50% of the nail market, making it an extremely profitable skill to learn. Our one-day diploma course will teach you all you need to know to begin offering this treatment to your clients.


Do I need to bring a model?

There is no need to bring a model on the course as we work on other students on the day of training. If you do not wish to be worked on due to medical reasons, sometimes the tutor can provide one if advised beforehand. Please note – You will be working on each other, so any nail extensions need to be removed for the day of your training.


Book Your Place

Our welcoming, expert Advisors are on hand to answer any questions & assist you in booking your place over email on Alternatively, most of our courses can be booked online 24/7, using our secure payment system. Simply choose your venue and date Click the add to basket button Then complete the secure, online checkout *Payment in full at time of booking.

Course Benefits

So many of our clients have told just the reason for the popularity of our courses is due to the fact that our certification works on the basis that you are not tied to any specific brand. You are taught the skill set then you can use any brand to then go on and do the treatment with your own chosen brands. Importantly as we teach effective and safe methods with products our tutors love to use but do not insist on the students who attend to have to continue with any one given brand afterwards to gain insurance and use what they have learned with us professionally.


Do I need to have a manicure qualification to attend this course?

A manicure is not part of the Acrylic Nail treatment. The instruments are different from those used within a manicure. The only skills that are similar are cuticle work, which is still separate as with manicures the hands must be bathed with nail extensions and the cuticle prep is dry.

The Anatomy and Physiology is provided in our manual that is given on the day. Students will also learn the contra- indications, client consultations and aftercare advice.


Course Entry Requirements

London Learning Academy diploma courses are appropriate for complete beginners and do not necessitate any prior knowledge to be able to train with us; many of our students are not yet beauty trained and are looking to start up a business in the industry. We welcome students of all abilities, whether you are looking to learn a new skill from or currently working as a therapist and looking to refresh your knowledge of specific treatments. This course is designed for beginners; however, Students must be 18+. All materials will be provided for you.

On the training day, you only need to bring a hand towel for your personal use, completed enrolment form and your lunch.


Our Tutors

At London Learning Academy we are very proud to work with professional, energetic, enthusiastic, and friendly team of tutors who all hold a level 2 and 3 qualification in their specialised sector.  Our tutors are all fully qualified in teaching awards in education with years of experience in beauty related professional industries. We pride ourselves on our tutors being friendly and supportive. They are all individually trained and continue their own personal training to ensure their ability to engage, educate and enrich all students regardless of background or learning ability.


Qualifications you will receive

Once you have successfully accomplished your training course(s), with London Learning Academy you will receive a diploma certificate issued by London learning Academy and accredited by ABT, CPD, BBTAC and The Guild. This not only validates your commitment to the training, but also permits you to gain Public Liability insurance so you can start offering treatments to paying consumers from home or mobile.

Insurance Details

All London Learning Academy courses finished with London Learning Academy are accredited by ABT, CPD and The Guild allowing you to obtain insurance from your own chosen insurance provider.


Career Opportunities

All London Learning Academy diploma courses permit you to work from both home and mobile offering the dedicated treatment(s) that you have completed. You can start earning by offering treatments to paying clients as soon as you have attained your insurance. You could effortlessly work exclusively as a Lash Technician providing only lash extension treatments on a mobile basis or establish a treatment area at home. Alternatively, you may like to look at further courses such as eyelash and eyebrow tinting or microblading course for further treatments you could offer to your clients.


Why Choose London Learning Academy

We offer high-quality ABT, CPD and The Guild accredited training with knowledgeable tutors, expert equipment and a great atmosphere to train in. Our training centres are well-equipped, within easy reach of public transport. London Learning Academy pride ourselves on working with only qualified and industry experienced tutors who are welcoming, warm and pleased to go the extra mile to bring the finest student experience conceivable. All London Learning Academy courses allow plenty of opportunity to ask questions or seek further support if required. Our training centres are permanent and exclusive to us and they are always set-up ready to begin your training. All centres have the very latest equipment and products required to adhere to industry standards.


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